GDX Tokens

The Gamedex token (ticker: GDX) is a utility token. The GDX token follows the ERC-223* standard (an improved version of ERC-20) and runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Its utility is derived from its numerous uses:

  • GDX is used to buy, sell, and trade digital collectibles on the Gamedex platform.

  • GDX is used to buy pay-to-play games on the Gamedex platform.

  • GDX tokens can be used in some games.

  • GDX token holders gain governance rights, including voting on which projects should receive grants and whether milestone payments should be released.

  • GDX token holders pay lower fees on the Gamedex exchange, to the extent that they hold GDX.

* Note: In many places we refer to GDX as an ERC-20 token in order to avoid needless confusion.